We are NEOS because...

We are part of a team that moves forward together: We are a single ONE NEORIS.

Within each one of us there is an unparalleled talent and creativity, as well as the ability to imagine and create the future.

We are a community in continuous development, which is strengthened in any situation.

Our multiculturalism is a source of pride. Our differences help us add value to every opportunity that comes our way.

We not only enact change, but also accelerate positive change.

We always gravitate towards the new and innovative.

NEO Values

At NEORIS, we are committed to a series of values, which are part of our DNA and our daily lives.


Always ethical

Being upright is based on having an unquestionable behavior that leaves a positive mark on others. We are impartial.


Fully committed

Being accomplished with our work goes beyond a job, it is a duty to our colleagues, clients and families. This fills us with pride.


Agile with Purpose

Being flexible in the face of circumstances and any scenario makes us stand out. We are collaborative and we provide innovative solutions to the problems we encounter.


We contribute in every way

To be part of NEORIS is to belong to a single team made by all of us. When we support each other we bring out the best in us.


Responsible first of all

Being transparent in everything we do takes us far and that is why we take our responsibility in how we carry out our work.


Diverse, fair and inclusive

To be multicultural is to respect cultures, people and ideas alike. At NEORIS differences are valued because they offer us learning opportunities.

NEOS around the world

Joining the NEORIS community means you become a member of diverse, multidisciplinary teams. Our plurality and multicultural nature are expressed fully in everything we do.

Get to know us!

We are in several countries distributed throughout the Americas and Europe.

We are 5,000 NEOS throughout the world.

We work with +300 active clients.

We have
+20 years

This is what makes us one of a kind

Get to know our enhancement initiatives that let NEOS develop to their full potential.


We help companies from all sectors and industries —most of them within the Fortune 500 ranking— to advance their digital transformation, through the implementation of cutting-edge technology in their operations and processes.


We have tremendous capability to create and implement high-quality products and services, backed by our technical expertise and knowledge of digital trends, industries, and markets.


We encourage teamwork to find new opportunities and solve needs using technology. Our talent-centric vision allows us to build a culture where we all move in the same direction.

NEOS are all over the news!

From the moment we decided to call ourselves NEOS at the end of 2022, we knew we wanted some of our NEOS to become NEORIS influencers and ambassadors. And what better to do so than by using technology!

Using various Artificial Intelligence and design tools, we created modern and futuristic avatars of our talents to convey our personality and everything that represents us.

Take a look at the coverage that NEOS have had throughout social platforms and news sites. These are just a few of the examples:


Video Making of - Video Making of - Video Making of -

Learn about the process of design and creation of the NEO avatars. Learn about the process of design and creation of the NEO avatars.

Our Manifesto

In this world immersed in routine, there are people who are different…
People who do not settle for the every day.
Who seek to imagine beyond our reality.
Who trust that technology brings us closer and makes us more human.
In this world exist the NEOS.
Unique talents with a creativity ready to break free.
Beings inspired by our differences and our multiculturalism.
Those who believe in new ways to accelerate into the future.
We are here. We are looking for you!